The Committee


Mike Lavender
Mick, Mike and a few other variations

Day job:
A long time employee of Telstra

Committee role:
As El Presidente, I’m in to most things.

Wife and son, renovating and traveling and triathlon of course!

When/Why Tri South:
In around 2010 I started in the sport struggling to swim 300m, and taking in equal quantities of air and water. I joined the committee to make events possible, aiming to make them sustainable and to promote the sport. Never having trained properly I’ve struggled through 4 full distance Ironman events. Since joining the committee I’ve been on the wrong side of the start line too often, but I hope to get the chance to race soon. My motto is “If you are in your comfort zone you aren’t growing.”

Mark Blake
Vice President - Senior
Grew up on Bruny Island, only went to school to eat my lunch & got out as soon as I could. Mostly worked in the motor trade all my life, opening my own business in 1995 & still operating today.

Till mid 40’s was very unfit until Lynne (wife) bought a gym membership for my birthday… In 2008, after doing the Kakoda Trail with some mates, got this crazy idea I’d like to do a half Ironman triathlon. Joined a tri squad & started training, first having to learn how to swim! Competed in Busso half, loved it, and now I’m addicted!
Do all distances – whatever is going – and have competed in a couple of full Ironmans now and will be doing Cairns again in 2017. Can’t wait!

The thing that is a stand out for me is the people involved in triathlon are happy & lots of fun. When you get to a race everyone digs in & helps set up, with lots of chatter of course.

With our club it is all about participation, so it doesn’t matter if your first or last everybody is treated equally, if you are new & a bit nervous just let someone know & you will be looked after.

One of the volunteer medics once said to me that we were the hardiest sporting group he had ever come across & if there were to be a tsunami we would just alter the course to go around it.

Being on the Trisouth board is a real eye opener, the ideas for improving the events & the way we do things just keeps getting better.

Andrew Zielinski
Vice President - Junior
A Zed

Day Job:
Professional photographer and tuckshop lady.

Committee Role:
Alternate opinion and a bit of this and that.
Technical Official and race photographer.

My short story:
First triathlon in Cremorne circa 1995, and quite a few since, BOP specialist.
Best triathlon memory,  going to the  Devonport Half Ironman 2006 alone and crossing the finish line dead last a few minutes before cut off, and the following 12 months finding the Triathlon South club and then going back the next year (to go a little faster) but with the support of the Triathlon South community.

get back to 70.3 distance with a PB and see Tri South grow to its potential.

John Breen
John Breen

Day Job:
Chief Financial Officer, Kingborough Council

Committe Role:

Love to keep fit and exercise. Like to compete and to see if I can improve.  Have managed to finish a couple of 70.3’s which despite being incredibly tough, there is a great sense of achievement when finished. Maybe an IM in the future, depends whether the ageing body holds out.

Enjoy living by the sea and getting out for a paddle when I can.

When Why tri south?
Was involved in Triathlon in the late 90’s with the Oceana Tri Club and got a taste for competition. Went and did some bike racing in the early part of the 2000’s, but got back into Tri’s around 2010 and decided that I could contribute to the club by taking on the Treasurer role and supporting the hard working committee members.

Jo Cook

Day Job:
A public servant, in IT

Committee Role:
Jack of all trades, master of none! Anything computer-based (e.g. online entry system, website, facebook) and also rego desk organisation and general supplies, race booklets, whatever else needs doing and required to be done yesterday.

I come last nearly every race, but I love being part of our triathlon community and challenging myself. I reckon when I’m about 80 I might get to see the podium! 🙂

Bizarrely, I came to triathlon from a martial arts background. A friend suggested I join a tri squad to get fit in prep for my black belt exam. I ran and swam (after learning to swim) but unfortunately the tae kwon do club folded before I got my 1st dan, so it seemed natural to do a triathlon (or not?). I bought my first road bike at 43 and while I still struggle to feel comfortable on it, going bush on a mountain bike has really helped!

When/Why Tri South?
I joined the Committee after my first year and have been a fixture ever since in some capacity. I firmly believe it’s important that women are represented at Committee level as we can have a different and valuable perspective on many issues and we need to make that contribution. My general philosophy is that if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem, so be a good and active member of your club.


Katrina Carr
Katrina Carr
Committee Member
Nick name:

Day Job:
Mum of 2, Registered Nurse

Committee Role:

Family & travel. My family live in the US so it’s fortunate I can cover both! Post children, the time for tri training is hard to find, so I have recently reignited my love of running. Not to say my bikes are neglected, always up for a coffee ride! I am also an avid skier and will get to the cold whenever we can! IM would be the ultimate goal.. maybe the next big birthday!

Moving from Melbourne I saw it a great way to meet people in Hobart, and tri families are always so welcoming!

Lewis Mitchelmore
Committee Member
I don’t actually have one!

Day Job:
Self employed Antenna Technician (What’s that? TV antennas, internet and NBN connections, home theatre, just about anything attached to a TV or computer!)

Committe Role:
General Committee Member

About me:
Likes: Chocolate and beer, not necessarily in that order.  Hobbies: being a mamil (which would be a middle aged man in Lycra doing his triathlon training); making beer. Other skills: helping Mum’s taxi occasionally with kids’ activities. Wants: more aero (plus some skills to use it!).

When/Why tri south:
I’m quite new to the committee but like others I could see that there is a lot more to TriSouth than what appears on race days. I’ve decided that if I can help out even a little with tasks then it will ease a load from other hardworking members. I like the technical side of the race set up and have been introduced to different versions of race timing this season.

My wife Sian and I have four children who have all been enjoying the Schools triathlons (along with many other sports and activities), the three oldest have competed in club events and statewide events in their respective age groups. This really can be a great family outing which has already had us travel around Australia, one of the great aspects of the sport. Having three children as members also sees me attending a lot of junior development groups and training squads.

There is a great camaraderie and inclusiveness in triathlon and while I can recall being a quiet newcomer to TriSouth a few years ago, the help, advice and role models here have helped myself, family and others along the way to enjoying many races.

Michael Anderson
Commitee Member
Ando, Mr 1%

Day Job: Cemetery administration

Passions: Have always enjoyed playing sport. Started playing Hockey in grade 3 and track running in grade 8. Did my 1st triathlon in 1989 at the Clarence pool and have been a regular since then. I enjoy the challenge, and active lifestyle. I have 2 teenage children and an understanding and equally active wife.

When/Why Tri South?: It is the local club and a way to participate in the sport around the world. Our club is based on member support and being on the committee is a way for me to give back and also help grow our sport.

Sheila Barrett
General Committee
Nickname: Muuuuuuumm!

Day Job: Part-time Radiographer.

Likes: Family activities, tailwinds, calm water, finishing my training ready for morning tea.
Dislikies: Paperwork, head winds, big waves, over training, races that go over morning tea.

Passions: General fitness, mind and body, eating well, the outdoors, not overcomplicating things, time for morning tea.

About me: Emigrated from the UK in 2000. Live on the Eastern Shore with my husband and 2 boys.

Sport and Tri South:

Never been that keen on team sports, however, I have always been able to swim, ride bikes and run, so when Peter introduced me to triathlon it was an easy transition, especially when his first Christmas present to me was a road bike!

I’ve been taking part in triathlons for over 10 years now. Currently I use it as a means of keeping fit and giving a structure to my overall fitness goals.

After having the boys there was what seemed like a bit of a road to get back some fitness, 2-3yrs, however, it was a small amount of time in the scheme of things and I’m glad I didn’t (or was it couldn’t) do too much too soon. “Mum’s, give yourself a break, your body needs time to heal and fitness is there to enhance, not to add pressure”.

I don’t travel interstate for triathlon events so it is great to have well run local races which Tri South provide, thanks to volunteers, good organisers and passionate individuals. Being part of the club means there is always a friendly face at state-wide races and during any race, it is nice to get a cheer and give a cheer to fellow competitors.

Peter Barrett
Committee Member
Nickname: Been called a lot of things over the years…. When I was a young fella it was “Bazza”.

Day Job: Construction, Registered Plumber by trade.

Passions: Keeping fit, I enjoy the challenge of setting a race goal and achieving it. Getting away with family whether it’s camping, on a plane or a drive up to gods country: Bridport.

Why triathlon:  I was introduced to Triathlon 28 years ago as a 16 year old by my bother-in-law. I quickly transitioned from a team sport of footy to the individual sport of triathlon, and enjoyed the challenge: of “getting out” what you “put in”. I raced as a junior, and was mostly serious about it. Trained with Clive Roper’s squad and often got bagged out about the empty Pizza boxes and beer cans in the boot of my car.

I have always had a strong work ethic and believe I provide well for my family, but must admit that sport does sneak too far up the importance scale when family and work is put in the equation. I enjoy the place where I live with my beautiful family, and firmly believe we do live in the lucky country….. and the best state, Tasmania.

When thinking of Tri South the following comes to mind: Friendly faces, great races, hard working committee and volunteers, organised, helpful, and inclusive.

Mark Dew
Committee Member
Nick name: Dewie

Day job: High School Teacher

Passions: family, education and learning, staying fit and active.

When / Why triathlons?: I started in triathlons in 2004 with the tri squad at All Aerobics. Previously I had competed in a variety of sports, playing football for ten years, and had stints in rowing, sailing, kayaking, volleyball and gridiron. With Gridiron, I was the founder of the Glenorchy Raiders of the original Tasmania Gridiron League, and played 50 matches.

I turned to triathlon as my fitness (and my weight) was struggling and I wanted a sport that was challenging. Triathlon has built in variety and a big plus was that nobody was out to hit you unlike gridiron (I later discovered that this was not the case in the swim leg!!!). Triathlon also has age groups, which makes it a lifelong sport. The 2004-2005 season was just prior to the formation of Trisouth and I had to travel to Devonport to get my first race. I still think it’s great that this is no longer the case.

Highlights, was my one Ironman Race at Port Macquarie in 2009 (11:11), and representing Australia in cross triathlon in 2015-16 in Sardinia and Snowy Mountains in 2016-17.