One of the last jobs for the Committee to undertake as part of the Club’s rebranding project was to overlay our more contemporary colours and design elements on our website. This has also provided an opportunity to address some content and navigation issues. In this revision, we have taken the view that simpler is better. We understand that what you really come to the website for is race dates and entry links, look for the latest news (e.g. race results) and glance at the last few Facebook posts.

We have worked with our Web Developer, Whistler Web Design, to provide a simpler, user-friendly and functional website (with a touch of whimsy) to our members and guests, which also provides back-end improvements for keeping our club news up to date. We are still working on some content gaps, and will update the imagery really soon, so visit often and let us know your thoughts. We felt it was time to launch ahead of our 2023-34 race calendar reveal in a couple of weeks.