Our first race is fast approaching, but it is under very different circumstances to what we have ever experienced.  To keep us all safe, and help to ensure our races can continue as scheduled for the 2020-21 Season ahead, let’s all stick to the plan, that is, the COVID-19 Triathlon Racing Safety Plan. This is a must-read before turning up at our events. There are changes to how we can conduct triathlons (and related events), so please be aware of these and plan ahead. The Committee has worked tirelessly to develop the plan, and ensure it is in line with the National Guidelines for the Resumption of Triathlon, developed by Triathlon Australia in conjucction with the State and Federal Governments.

Please do not turn up on race day and be oblivious to the changes – its everyone’s responsiblity. Don’t be complacent, we want to see a full Season go ahead so we can all enjoy this wonderful sport.

Some important aspects of the safety plan:

  • Event Day infection Controller will be in attendance to ensure compliance – treat them with respect, they are there for your safety
  • Do not attend any of our events if you are unwell – we will give you a full refund or transfer fee to another event for you
  • If you start to feel unwell during the event, you will be directed to the designated Isolation Area
  • Sanitise on arrival – everyone
  • Always observe social distancing, even in transition
  • Special timing chip instructions for use
  • No body markings
  • Definitely no spitting, no nasal discharge at any time!
  • Bring your own hydration – we cannot supply water
  • Spectators are not permitted in rego, transition or recovery areas
  • Please download the COVIDSafe app to assist contact tracing.