It has been a while in the making, but we are happy to present our fantastic new club website. We are thrilled with the vibe and functionality of our new website and while we still have some work to do to make even better, I’m sure you will agree that it is a vast improvement on the previous site. Our new website meets two main objectives:

  • provide a much more accessible and user-friendly experience for our members and guests, and
  • provide a much more stable platform on which to build our story and communicate with members, for our Committee.

Some great features you will notice straight away:

  • a Facebook feed – this will assist those members not on Facebook to keep in touch with what is going on
  • a dedicated Google calendar feed that publishes automatically to the website without the need to access the website to edit for our Race Committee who deal with the event’s calendar
  • great imagery, great vibe!
  • a number of new dedicated pages – Juniors, Event Guide, Sponsors, Useful Links and this can easily be built on.

We will be working hard to add in new content where pages are currently under construction and add relevant content as it comes to hand. The brilliance of this new website is that it allows greater accessibility to our Committee to quickly post directly to the website, or post to Facebook or the Calendar and have new content automatically feed to the site in real time.

We must acknowledge the great work undertaken by our Web Developer, Hamish Whistler, of Whistler Web Design, who lives in Melbourne. Hamish is a triathlete and past Committee member of the Melbourne Triathlon Club, so was in a unique position to understood our website brief to him. We think he’s done a magnificent job providing us with the tools we need to better communicate with our members and supporters, and providing ongoing support and assistance to the Committee moving into the future.

We appreciate feedback on our new website – keeping in mind we are still working on getting content published. But if there is something you can’t find, please let us know and we’ll consider it.

We must acknowledge our wonderful band of photographers, without whom this website would not provide the great vibe we have achieved of our club, its members, and our events. In particular, thanks to Andrew Zielinski, Julie Bunyard and Karon Aiken. If you do see your images and we haven’t acknowledged you, please let us know. Similarly, if you have some great images in your vault, please send copies to us to use as we’ll rotate and update regularly. Your images need to be at least 1mb in size, preferably 2mb or more. (i.e. high resolution).

PLEASE NOTE: if you see yourself or a family member or friend in a photo on our website and you would prefer this not to be displayed, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will remove the image and replace it.